Welcome to Maxemail - Office Friendly's email and print marketing portal.


Maxemail is a complete marketing solution that combines innovative email marketing with the ability to create print quality flyers and publications to produce an all encompassing marketing campaign from one convenient location.

Maxemail offers you the following feature rich functionality helping you deliver more

  1. Print Facility - allows you to amend PDF's online and print locally or out to professional printers
  2. Order Pad Facility - allows the recipient to buy without going through to an ecommerce website
  3. Order Pad facility 2 - allows you to link through to your ecommerce system
  4. Product List - allows you to add your own products and add these to an email campaign with buy now or order pads
  5. Vow Product Code Search & Add Facility
  6. Product templates with easy add product function in WYSIWYG editor
  7. Add variables from within the WYSIWYG editor (such as name, company, etc etc)
  8. Create campaigns and view in design, pending, sending and completed formats
  9. Spam Checker - test to see how good or bad your email is against the spam filters
  10. Video tutorials and extensive help guide

The easy to use portal is a great tool to help you communicate with your customers.

To register for an account please send an email to katie.metcalfe@officefriendly.co.uk or contact Office Friendly on 0114 2566300


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